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Torelli Super Strada (Pantographed / 1985)

Bike tags: Road bike | 1985 | 62cm | bullhorns | campagnolo | more tags >>
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Torelli Super Strada - 62cm Tubi Oria, pearl white, painted lugs

Cinelli 1R Stem (120mm) w/ Giro d'Italia bars (flipped & chopped)

Torelli w/ Ofmega Headset

Campy Record w/ Ambrosio Elite 19 (OEM)

Campy Record w/ Ambrosio Elite 19 (OEM) + Regina Freewheel

Super Record Cranks w/ Ofmega Panto'd Chainwheels

Selle Italia Turbomatic 4 Gel on Ofmega Panto'd & Fluted Stem

Crank Bros.

Super Record Levers to Record Brakes (front & rear)

Purchased this bike in June of '07 as my first foray into road biking. Everything except the seat and the stem/bars is original equipment, so considering it's 22 years old it's in great shape. Paint and lug/panto touch-up will most likely be an off-season project, as will a pair of NOS wheels. According to Bill at Torelli, "the bike was built as a complete bike by a small shop in Emilia-Romagna."

More available here:

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you ever consider selling?


always nice to see another torelli on here.

Freedom of choice...

Freedom of choice does not apply when it comes to racing frames. You want a bike with bullhorns, or priests or mustachioes or whatever? Get a touring bike, or a track bike and do whatever you want. But on this matter, you have no choice. Like a guy needs an excuse to get another bike, anyway. Honestly, it looks like crap. A beautiful bike like that...Madre de Dio!

The only thing thats crap is

The only thing thats crap is your attitude. Bikes are a reflection of the people who ride them, anyone can dress up their bike however they want.

nah i agree with him those

nah i agree with him those poor bars

My mother says...

the same thing. But I digress...

That's a real beauty.

That's a real beauty.

don't cave in!

drop bars arent the law! always nice to see a thoroughbred road machine with a slightlty non-traditional setup...
looks great!

Um, Sorry

Drop bars on road bikes are the law. That's a silly comment. You'll find you spend a bunch of time on the tops or on the hoods when you use the bike for commuting. But... You'll get more chicks with drop bars and that's no lie.


Really nice bike. The Torelli pantographing is great, haven't seen many examples of that. Please put some nice drop bars on there...

I had drops on it, but was

I had drops on it, but was spending too much time on the hoods riding with traffic. This just suits me and, for the time being, is more practical.

Plus, I kinda dig the bullhorn look. Maybe when I get another ride I'll put the drops back on.

Thanks for the comment though!

Your bike, your choice

I like the bullhorns. Also like the suicide brake rigging -- very cool.

Too many things in life consist of "aught to" and "proper." If you can't do what you want in your own hobbies, where does it end?

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